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Welcome to Temple City Real Estate.  We are completely separate from all other companies whose names include the word ‘Temple’. We are happy to report that we are a real estate agency that actually has an office you can visit, meaning that we are not back yard ‘fly by night’ operators. We are a fully registered company in Cambodia and pay our taxes accordingly. Siem Reap apartment for rent. Furthermore, all money that we earn remains inside Cambodia to benefit Cambodians.

Siem Reap property services

As far as Siem Reap property services go, we pride ourselves in providing an efficient personalized service for our property owners and for our clients who are looking for an apartment for rent in Cambodia or in Siem Reap as well as for those more upmarket who are looking for a Villas for rent in Cambodia with a preference for renting in Siem Reap.

Siem Reap Properties For Rent

Importantly, most of our business results from referrals by very happy clients and property owners.

Siem Reap apartment for rent. Finding a Siem Reap apartment or house for rent for an expat requires us to first discuss the expat’s needs and make the expat aware that this is a world apart from what they are accustomed to. Cambodia long term rentals or Cambodia long term rentals can present a challenge, even in Siem Reap.  Special care must be taken because about 20 different matters need to be considered, such as what is the age and physical condition is our client; what will be their means of transport as this can be a concern in the wet season and a matter of personal safety; are they male or female, how much noise can they tolerate from traffic, barking dogs; crowing roosters; chanting monks; school children; construction noise 7 days a week because there is no such thing as a Sunday being a day of rest  in Cambodia; it’s work 7 days a week, every week.

Expat housing Cambodia – Siem Reap house for rent expat

Thinking about Expat housing in Cambodia or buying land in Cambodia then there is something that foreigners need to know about. If you are from China, Vietnam, North Korea, you can buy land, or a house on a plot of land or an apartment at ground level. If you are from any other country you need to use two long standing techniques, one of which is the nominee structure in which you buy the property in a Cambodian citizen’s name with caveats and liens attached that give you total control over the property including the right to sell it to whomever when you wish when you wish. The other method is long and convoluted Land Holding Company method where you have to set up a Limited Liability Company with a trustworthy Cambodian Citizen who must own 51% of the company.  The third way is that you can buy Cambodian citizenship for about $325,000, or you can do some great good work for Cambodia.

In reality, as far as expat housing in Cambodia is concerned, this virtually always results in expats apartment rentals and expat house rentals, not forgetting villa rentals for the well to do. Almost any little house is advertised as a villa, but a villa is really a 2 level or more house with at least 5 bedrooms and that on a large piece of land.

With all the new apartment blocks that have been built in the last two years or so, a Siem Reap apartment for rent to an expat is the simplest solution as these new apartments are new and more designed and outfitted for Western style living making Cambodia feel more like home.

Siem Reap apartment for rent – apartment for rent Siem Reap – rent apartment Siem Reap

Serving Siem Reap's Buyers & Renters With Integrity

Total integrity is our motto, and it is our aim to give our clients the best service possible. We realise how important it is for property owners to understand the expectations of western tourists, especially in respect of physical comfort levels of furniture.

Siem Reap Properties For Rent

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