3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Siem Reap
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For Rent USD $650 $950 per month - Apartment
160304A 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Garage

160304A   –   3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Siem Reap
This ground floor 3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Siem Reap is truly a luxurious 3 Bedroom apartment in the grand Khmer style, and incorporating some modern design elements from western culture such as perfect western bathrooms.
The precious woodwork in this apartment and the craftsmanship will take your breath away, and the window design actually shares a design feature with windows at the Angkor Wat Temple, but here the vertical columns are turned from wood, not carved from stone. This apartment just oozes quality.
The kitchen and dining room and living room are of the open plan layout, with a most beautiful and ornate wooden ceiling.
The 3 spacious bedrooms all have bright cheery colours and are of the ‘dry floor’ design, meaning they have glassed of shower recesses. It goes without saying that there is hot and cold water throughout this apartment as well as free Wi-Fi and Cable TV on large LCD widescreen TV’s. Also included, is a roomy office with computer and computer desk and etc.
Indoors, there’s Air Con everywhere, and just outside your door, a pool with a water feature that awaits your indulgence.
Power outages in Siem Reap are a common occurrence The big bonus with these apartments is, that when the ‘Prince of Darkness” does strike and Siem Reap is plunged into darkness and all the Air Conditioners shut down, the back-up power generator at these apartments will start up and keep you nice and cool, with all lights on, and Air Conditioners up and running for you.

Open Plan Style:
Combined Dining room, Kitchen and Living room area, with Wi-fi, and large Widescreen Cable TV, Living Room,

Kitchen – has a freezer fridge, cooking stove with range hood, and a washing machine outside kitchen door,

About the Hard Wooden Seating:
If a tenant prefers to provide their own soft upholstered western style lounge room seating, the owner is then quite happy to remove the elegant wooden Khmer seating for the term of the tenancy, but there will be no reduction in the monthly rental fee.  NB. We at Temple City Real Estate know all the shops that sell upholstered soft western seating, so we can easily help you find easily affordable seating that meets your needs. We can also introduce you to a business that will in one to two days tailor make soft attachable seat squabs and back rests to suit the existing wooden seating. Both of the above are solutions are quite inexpensive here in Siem Reap.

3 Bedrooms, each with a large double bed and ensuite, plus Air Con and large Widescreen Cable TV,  all ensuites with a glassed off shower recess, hot and cold showers,

Private Office:
Your own spacious private office with computer desk and computer and an additional desk,

Apartment Housekeeping:  is performed weekly at no additional cost.

Swimming Pool, large, with water feature,
Car parking with 24 hour security,

Apartment / Condominium features:

Reception Office with 24 hour security guards,
Back-up Power Generator,

The apartments in this magnificent building are very well maintained and are only a 6 to 8 minute drive North from central Siem Reap on a smooth paved / asphalt main road.

Rental Terms:
Price : $650 USD
per month, after some negotiating, price fluctuates with tourism numbers.
Deposit: 1 month Rent in advance, plus Security Deposit equal to 2 months rent,
Rental Period:   6 months minimum  to 1 year or more,

For more information, or to visit this property:
Call us, or visit our office located in Taphul on the N6 opposite Khmer Pub Lane, in the building next to ‘Red
Crab Seafood’. We will send you our detailed office location map if you wish.

Calling from inside Cambodia:
Miss Doyt ~ English, Khmer, Thai
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