LAND for RENT  in  Siem Reap
1903 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, FL 33020, USA
For Rent USD $2,500 - Land
160108D 1428 m2

LAND for RENT in Siem Reap

160108D – LAND for RENT in Siem Reap in a prime location, and only a 2 minute walk to the Old market
Easily accessible by heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses via paved road only 100 metres off a major paved road in Wat Damnak just 2 roads below Wat Bo Road.
This parcel of land in Siem reap is made up of 2 blocks of land.
Both blocks of land have solid walls and one has a strong front fence and gate.
The owner will rent out the two pieces of land as a pair, not individually.
The owner will have the dividing fence between the two properties removed if necessary.
Because of the prime location of this property, the owner is also prepared to build an up-market boutique hotel, or resort, and upon completion, rent that out to any party interested in such a project. Of course, during the design and construction phase, the land would be leased out at a greatly reduced rate to the party who has signed for the lease of the land and the boutique hotel or resort.

Land Dimensions:
Totals 34 metres wide by 42 metres long
The Block on the Left       measures  15 m wide  x  42 m long     equal to    630 m2
The Block on the Right    measures  19 m wide  x  42 m long     equal to    798 m2
Total Land Area including bothe blocks of land is                        equal to  1428 m2


PRICE to Rent:
$2,500 USD per month (very negotiable)
Security Deposit: 9 months deposit (negotiable)
Rental Period: 5 years minimum
Rent in Advance: 1 month

AVAILABLE NOW: This prime located LAND for RENT in Siem reap is Vacant, and available right now.

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