A Family Owned Real Estate Company

We are Temple City Real Estate, a fully licensed and registered real estate agency based in Siem Reap on National Highway 6. Temple City Real Estate is owned and operated along Western business principles and ethics. This company is owned run by a Cambodian lady of great integrity who is known as Miss Doyt. Miss Doyt is much loved and respected by all who deal with her.

With some assistance from her brother and a German born Australian gentleman, this Temple City Real Estate company was set up. All income earned by Temple City Real Estate stays right here in Cambodia, we are proud to say that we actually pay the correct amount of Tax. Temple City Real Estate is registered with the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce in Phnom Penh.

How did Temple City Real Estate come to be?

The German born Australian gentleman mentioned above, first came to Siem Reap was in March 2012 to have a further 9 of the 30 metre deep bore water wells in addition to the 4 that he had already paid for and installed in 2010. So by the end of April 2012 he had then donated a total of 13 water wells, all in the Bakong region. 13. He funded another 4 of those 30 metre deep bore water wells a little later on when he was back in Australia.  In Australia he did some fund raising from his work colleagues and friends which which resulted in another 15 of the same type of water wells being installed. Every one of the 32 water wells came with a free water filter and family size mosquito net.

Get In Touch With Us

Finding us or to Contact Us Our registered Office address is, No. 018, National Highway No. 6, Group 2, Taphul Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Siem reap Province, Cambodia. You can find us under the “Contact” tab, just scroll down a bit to see our Map Location at GPS 13.368583, 103.846722.

At the end of this page, you can see our ‘Certificate of Incorporation’ from the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce.

Finding a Suitable Property for You

Total integrity is our motto, and it is our aim to give our clients the best service possible. We realize how important it is for property owners to understand the expectations of western tourists, especially in respect of physical comfort levels of furniture. We are lucky to have a European born advisor who is acutely aware of the needs of people who come from their very cold climate to this very hot country. He is also very aware of the physical needs and health limitations of the older tourists and expats. We are therefore in a position to help property owners in choosing the types of apartments for rent and houses for rent that are in keeping with what they are accustomed to from back home.
We also advise property owners and interior designers how to come up with designs that will ensure that properties and their furnishings will conform with Western standards and therefore maximize their rental income.

Helping You Settle into Siem Reap

Property seekers who rent or buy through us, will receive an after sales service beyond their dreams, so as to help them get established in Siem Reap.
We provide ‘Over the phone’ translation support, any difficulties, just call us.
If you cab’t find where to buy something or the right restaurant or Cafe, remember, we are only a phone call away.

Siem Reap Real Estate – The Tourist Season

Covid has hit businesses and property owners really hard.
On top of that, we realize that apartment rental and guest house businesses here in our beloved Siem Reap, also affectionately known as ‘Temple City’, has only a seven month tourist season in which to earn enough money to pay for a business’s running costs, and to also make enough tourist dollars to realize a profit after the five long slow months of the low tourist season.

A Profit Margin in Perspective

A very good friend once told me how everybody thinks that all business people are rich people. He explained to me about profit margins. He said that people think that when most customers stop buying from you, you will then make a loss. He said it was not so, and he explained it to me this way. If he has 111 customers and he makes a profit of 11% he is doing well. BUT, if only 11 customers stop buying from him then he makes no profit at all, and if just 12 people stop buying from him, he is then running at a loss and losing money. This is very important business principle for people to understand.

We understand this, and therefore will do our very best to minimize the financial risk for our clients by finding tenants for their rental properties, and buyers for their ‘properties ’for sale’ and ‘businesses for sale’ as quickly as we possibly can.  It is crucial, that properties are designed and furnished to meet western expectations and comfort levels.

Business Name   and   Registration
In the Khmer language, our company’s name is ‘Tykrong Prasat Real Estate Co. Ltd.’
Tykrong means City, and Prasat means Temple, so in English,
that translates to
‘ Temple City Real Estate Co. Ltd.’
Here is our business registration document, our ‘Certificate of Incorporation’
from the
Cambodian Ministry of Commerce.